Sunday School (4-12 year olds)

Sunday School (4-12 year olds)

Welcome at the Sunday School of All Saints!

If you are planning to visit All Saints, but you have doubts because of your children: don’t hesitate but come!!

An entire Worship Service can be difficult for some children. That distracts you as a parent also from following and enjoying the Service.  At the end both parents and children are not happy.  And All Saints just wants to give you a blessed and stimulating experience!

Children are more than welcome at All Saints!

Next to the Creche for young children (age 0 up to and including 3 years old) we have a living and attractive Sunday School (at least that’s the opinion of our children!)

Sunday School consists of two groups: one for the younger (School group 1 till 4 – approximately age of 4 till 8) and one for the older children (School group 5 till 8 – approximately age of 8 till 12). With each group, there are one or two leaders each.

The first group is attended by an average of 10 children, the second group by an average of 8 children, both boys and girls

Some of our children showing a little of the work done on our February 2017 away day

What can you expect ?

During Sunday School children are taught by prayers, stories, drawings, singing  and games about the Gospel and the Love of God. We start asking the children if something special happened and than we pray together with them about their experiences and wishes.

It will be followed by a readed story about the theme of that Sunday.  After the reading children will engage further with this story by puzzles, games or drawings.  If the weather is nice sometimes we do games outside.

Children needs to be children and therefore we do everything in a simple but understandable way for children.

All our teachers are bi-lingual (Dutch and English) and so we run the group in the language suitable for the children attending.

How does it work?

Children involved in the lighting of our Advent candles

You can start together with your children in Church

After a few words from the Chaplain and a prayer for the children and leaders, children leave towards their location and Sunday School is getting started. After the Intercession Prayers children and leaders are going back to the Congregation. It lasts about 40 minutes.

Are Sunday School leaders capable and responsible?

All our leaders of the Sunday School (as well of the Creche) are trained and certified by the Anglican Church.

They have a Statement of Behaviour (VOG verklaring), given by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, that they have never been involved in cases like Child abuse). Moreover they have followed a course of Safeguarding Training made by the Anglican Church. This learns and shows how to deal with accidents regarding vulnerable kids.

Can I as a parent join my children?

Of course! If your child is a liitle shy or don’y want to be alone, please feel free to sit along.

I still have a few questions…

If you want to have more information, please send us an email, or ask the steward before entering the Church and they will help you . Or bring you in contact with one of the leaders of our Sunday School

See you at Sunday School!!

Edwin Mulder is the Sunday School coordinator


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